Technical Assistance

For decades EDAC teams have been regularly retained by federal agencies to assess challenges encountered by business or real estate undertakings of grantees and to recommend remedies to venture obstacles which threaten the successful implementation of the funded endeavor.

EDAC’s field experts have decades of specializing in hands-on project design, development and implementation. While our public policy scholars and authors have designed initiatives for various federal agencies and foundations, we take particular pride in the fact that our experienced personnel understand the nuances of real estate development, market study preparation, business plan crafting and collaborating with the diverse participants essential to the venture development and real estate completion processes.

A number of clients, similarly, request EDAC advice with respect to government reports, contracts, regulatory requirements and the contractual elements involved in retaining contractors and subcontractors, construction management specialists, joint venture partners and related service providers.

EDAC analysts are frequently retained to assess emerging markets, business trends and innovations impacting project viability determinations.