Daniel Ross Joins EDAC

EDAC is excited to announce the availability of Daniel Ross as our newest affiliate. A former client as CDC director of Nuestras Raíces, Inc., Daniel has received national recognition as an Ashoka lifetime fellow and as COO of Wholesome Wave Foundation Charitable Ventures.

At Wholesome Wave, Daniel launched the Investments program, connected food hubs with impact investment capital and developed new collaborations and strategies to support the scaling of Fruit & Vegetable Prescription Programs into the health system. Daniel also developed new partnerships for disseminating “best practice” program models internationally in India and Canada as well as domestically.

As a consultant with EDAC (and as principal of DAISA Enterprises, LLC), Daniel will continue to specialize in designing the partnerships and capital layers that make social enterprises viable. He will particularly focus on community food projects, including food hubs, processing centers, kitchen facilities/incubators, mobile food ventures, food/tech platforms, and urban agriculture.

In his past roles at Wholesome Wave and as Executive Director of Nuestras Raíces CDC (Holyoke, MA), Daniel has helped a diverse array of community advocates launch food and agricultural businesses, energy efficiency service companies and integrate initiatives involving stakeholders fostering social and environmental impact strategies. He is particularly interested in the intersection between sustainable food and agriculture and the health sectors.

Daniel has helped businesses and non-profits secure millions of dollars in funding through the preparation of successful business plans, pro forma and dozens of applications to prominent foundations and federal agencies, ranging from HHS & EDA to EPA & USDA (including Community Food Projects, Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive Program, Risk Management Agency & Risk Management Education, Farmers’ Market Promotion Program, Beginning/Immigrant Farmer Initiatives, Specialty Crops and USDA/EDA Innovation Clusters).

His grantsmanship and strategic planning roles at EDAC will involve leadership and membership on teams focusing on healthy food undertakings, green infrastructure and related businesses as well as EDAC consulting for medical facilities addressing recent statutory and tax exemption obligations.

Daniel holds an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management and has served as an MIT Sloan Fellow for Innovation and Global Leadership and as an MIT Legatum Fellow for Development and Entrepreneurship.


[Please contact EDAC’s Marcus Weiss for further information about Daniel’s availability and related pertinent consulting teams.]