The War on Poverty: Observations From a CED Field Practitioner

Please note: This is an expanded version of the original blog entry by Marcus Weiss as part of REDF's series on the War on Poverty. Reflecting on innovations catalyzed by the War on Poverty inspires a comparison of the energy in nurturing job creation for low-income community ... [Continue Reading]

Snapshot of Selected Public Market and Supermarket Feasibility Considerations

The following elements should be confirmed or reassessed as preliminary tasks to be undertaken by project proponents for permanent market facilities: Determine conceptual approaches, mission statement and intended outcomes Assess potential “healthy food” market benefits to ... [Continue Reading]

Regional Workforce Development Networks

Sections/excerpts from Marcus Weiss, "Regional Workforce Development Networks," in Bridging the Divide: Making Regions Work for Everyone- Shaping the Federal Agenda, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Policy Development and Research. Washington, ... [Continue Reading]

Rethinking National Economic Development Policy

Sections/excerpts from EDAC's “Rethinking National Economic Development Policy” (Bennett Harrison and Marcus Weiss, co-principal investigators). Edward W. Hill, Bennett Harrison and Marcus S. Weiss. "Executive Summary." Richard McGahey. "Economic Development, Devolution, ... [Continue Reading]

Blueprint of Tasks for Massachusetts MBE/WBE Disparity Studies

Excerpts from "Blueprint of Tasks for Massachusetts MBE/WBE Disparity Studies." 1990. Massachusetts M.B.E. Project: A Joint Venture of Marcus Weiss & Affiliates and D.J. Miller & Associates. ... [Continue Reading]

Building Partnerships Between State TANF Initiatives and CDCs

Sections/excerpts from OCS-funded: Building Partnerships Between State TANF Initiatives and CDCs: A Guidebook for Practitioners and State Officials by Marcus Weiss, Economic Development Assistance Consortium with Kevin Kelly, National Congress for Community Economic ... [Continue Reading]