Boston headquarters personnel

Marcus Weiss, President

Marcus Weiss is President of Economic Development Assistance Consortium (EDAC), a national consulting firm specializing in community revitalization initiatives and social enterprises. In addition to undertaking frequent technical assistance, evaluation and grantsmanship ... [Continue Reading]

Susan Horn-Moo, Co-Founding Member

Susan Horn-Moo is a co-founding member of EDAC and a regular member of the grant writing, technical assistance and evaluation teams.  She is an attorney and community economic development consultant specializing in industrial and commercial real estate development, ... [Continue Reading]

Harold Oshima, Senior Consultant

Harold Oshima, an EDAC senior consultant since 1984, is a financial consultant and investment advisor specializing in small business and real estate development with an emphasis in financial analysis of real estate acquisitions, development and operations. A former IRS employee, ... [Continue Reading]

Sara Weiss, Director of Operations

Sara Weiss is a managing partner and Director of Operations for EDAC. She is responsible for coordinating teams of scholars and researchers for national studies and technical assistance conducted by EDAC. Sara has been engaged in the drafting and production of federal grant ... [Continue Reading]

Mara Averick, Research/Data Analyst

Mara Averick is EDAC’s Research/Data Analyst and Web Developer. She designs and evaluates qualitative and quantitative metrics of success for government-funded projects. She also develops measurable indicators of project impact and success with actionable outcomes and synthesizes ... [Continue Reading]

EDAC Affiliated Consulting Specialists

Our specialists represent a diversity of backgrounds ranging from law and architecture to economics, business development and non-profit organizational management. Several of our specialists from around the nation have run governmental agencies while others have served for years ... [Continue Reading]