Food Agro Processing Center – Mayaguez, PR

The Western Puerto Rico Food and Agro Processing Center (FAPC) began operations in March of 2012 after a site acquisition and renovation by the grantee, Brightwood Development Corporation. The food hub has received significant attention, including its being featured in the first Whitehouse release with respect to HHS awards for Healthy Food Financing Initiatives.


Much of the attention stems from the collaborative efforts established among the CDC, the Office of the Mayor, additional other cooperating  state and local agencies and an impressive partnership with the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez’ Food Science and Technology Center.

UPRM Food Science and Technology Program  UPRM Food Innovation Research Lab UPRM Product and Process Development

The primary building is tenanted by local food producers producing baked goods, soups and related products designed for regional distribution. Additionally, the project will link Multiple actors in the value chain for healthy foods from the producers of fresh produce to end buyers/retailers including: marketing, brokering, purchase order arrangements, delivery logistics and physical distribution from farm to sales point and serve as a key element of the Healthy Food Business Initiative. [see HFBI project structure]


Brightwood was one of 38 recipients of the HHS/Office of Community Services FY12 Community Economic Development grants. With this additional funding, BDC will be launching its “Puerto Rico Healthy Food Business Initiative.” This project will establish semi-mobile healthy food retail outlet “business units” for emerging new entrepreneurs which will increase by ten additional units to be located in high-demand, underserved areas of Western Puerto Rico.

Healthy Food Business Initiative Project Structure

Healthy Food Business Initiative Project Structure