Harold Oshima, Senior Consultant

Harold Oshima, an EDAC senior consultant since 1984, is a financial consultant and investment advisor specializing in small business and real estate development with an emphasis in financial analysis of real estate acquisitions, development and operations. A former IRS employee, he serves as President and CEO, Oshima & Associates, Inc, Boston, MA, a registered investment and financial advisory firm, specializing in small business and real estate development. He is a founding member of the board of directors for VMC Systems, Inc. and Elmira Realty Corporation.

Harold Oshima has extensive experience in feasibility analysis, financial pro-formas (particularly for federal grant applications), syndications and real estate financing issues.  He is also a specialist in the development of charter schools in low-income areas.  Mr. Oshima serves as financial analyst and consultant for a number of for-profit and non-profit organizations. He holds degrees from Harvard University, A.M. and Pomona College, B.A.